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A journey made by the company’s founder Mikiharu Tsujita. From his humble beginnings selling vintage Levi’s XX jeans to baying customers, under the roof of Osaka vintage store, Lupine, to making jeans with the owner of that store and founder of Evisu, Hidehiko Yamane, Tsujita-san has always been driven by his passion for vintage denim. Of those early days Tsujita-san says “I wanted to make something better. Something I could continue making for a long time into the future.” And he did just that.
At the end of the year of 1992, he decided to go his own way, and founded a company with quality and tradition at its heart. Finding a name for the company seemed to come easily for Tsujita-san; stemming from a love of baseball, and equated to the position in which the fledgeling company now found itself, he opted for the name, Full Count. Mr Tsujita’s painstaking attention to quality control not only conjures the old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but also creates its own of ‘if it’s broke, fix it, and maintain it!’

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