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The socks are their iconic product. Since 1970 their socks have spoken of tailoring and made in Italy and over time, from Spirano, they have reached the catwalks of high fashion, to be worn by authorities, actors and gained recognition from important Fashion Houses. Their story began with Mario Bresciani, who, after a long experience in the hosiery sector, had the entrepreneurial intuition to gather the know-how of his territory and start his own company where he could cultivate and preserve his craftsmanship. His serious and passionate work earned him the title of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2009 and the Star of Labour Merit in 2012. In the first decade of its existence, the company focused on production for third parties, launching and consolidating collaborations with internationally renowned luxury brands.
In 1980, the first Bresciani branded socks were created, the first step on the path towards a discreet luxury made up of unique and timeless creations, the result of a choice of noble yarns, attention to detail and technological innovation. In the nineties, the second Bresciani generation entered the business with Massimiliano and Fabio and our brand appeared on the international market with greater strength.

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