Collection: Shoji Works

Since their founding in 1925, they have devoted themselves to manufacturing brushes while preserving their old history and traditional techniques. At the time of their founding, they had a small factory behind our house in Noda, Osaka Prefecture, and worked as a family industry. Start with a part of the work that implants hair into the wooden handle.
Since then, in order to meet the needs of their customers, they have increased the number of processes until the completion of the brush one by one. Currently, Japan is the only company that manufactures wooden brushes from the purchase of raw materials such as wood and animal hair to the finished product. They are the only company in Japan.
In addition, from 1925, when the company was founded, to 2008, 100% of the orders received were OEM, and they have continued to provide their customers with “only really good products” by making the most of our traditional techniques and the ability to carefully select each material.

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